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by BJ Gleason
(January 24, 2006) New prefered testing center: New Horizons, by the American Embassy

While New Horions is further away than Sysone, I've gotten a number of reports of problems from Sysone, and no complaints from New Horizons.  New Horizons is easy to get to by subway or taxi.

(April 11, 2005) Sysone is closer than you think.

Thanks for Mark Johnson, we have now located what we believe to be the closest testing center to the base.  It is about twice as far as the previous testing centers, but still within walking distance.

A lot of jobs now require external certification, like Microsoft's MCSE or CompTIA's A+.  This page should tell you all you need to know to get you on the path to obtaining certification while you are here in Seoul.

First a couple of quick points

  • Scheduling the exam is the hardest part, since most of the testing centers do not have anyone who speaks English, so it would be best if you had a Korean friend schedule the exam for you.  You can register online via Vue or Prometrics.
  • The tests are all available in English, but be sure to tell them that (it is typically the default, but just make sure)
  • This information is based on my personal experiences.  This information can quickly become out of date.  If you see any errors, please contact me at

Table of Contents

  1. The Testing Centers
  2. A+ Certification
  3. Microsoft Certification
  4. Solaris Certification
  5. How the University of Maryland can Help

The Testing Centers

  • To find testing Centers near you, Prometrics or VUE websites.  You can even schedule the exams online.
  • New Horizons Testing Center (Preferred)
  • To schedule tests here, it appears you have to register via
    Supported tests include:
    • Microsoft
    • CWNP - Certified Wireless Network Professional
    • CompTIA (A+, Network+, Security+ etc...) 
    Contact Information:
    Test Center: New Horizons Computer Learning Center 
    Address: 3F. Inwang Bldg.
    167-2 Naeja-Dong
    Seoul, 110-053
    Korea, South
    Telephone: 82-2-723-7230 
    Fax :82-2-723-7234

    Take Line 6 from Noksapyeong station #629 (near gate 7) toward Bonghwasan station #647, getting off at Yaksu station #633 (4th stop) and transferring to Line 3.  Take this line toward Daehwa station and get off at Gyeongbokgung station #327 (6th stop).

    Exit through exit 7 and walk toward the overhead walkway just down the street (staying on the right side of the road.  Right after the overhead turn left down a small road.  At the end of the road (you will be at a tee intersection) look toward your left and you will see the New Horizon Computer Learning Center on the 3rd floor.

    Thanks to Mark White for the map.

  • Sysone Testing Center
  • Contact Information:
    Myung Duk, Yun
    KCC IT Tower
    7-50 Galwol-dong
    Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, Korea 140-800

    Tel: +82-2-6090-6933
    Fax: +82-2-6090-6898
    Mobile: +82-11-9020-7491

    When you go out Gate 1, turn to the right and just start walking.  You will pass an Outback Steak House and a Pizza Hut.  Once you pass the first 4 way intersection, you should see the footbridge.  At the base of the foot bridge is a 10 story building with a Honda sales department on the ground floor.

    To get to the 3rd floor testing center, you can walk through the sales department and just behind the sales desk is a set of elevators, or you can walk up the hill, and around to the back of the building to the 3rd floor entrance.

    Thanks to Mark Johnson for the map.

  • Samsung Multicampus Education Center: Probably the best testing center.  Located in Kangnam, they handle just about every certification.  They have about 40 testing seats, there is easy access to the subway, and there is free parking.
A+ Certification 
Developed by COMPTIA, there are two parts to the test.  There is the CORE module, which covers, Hardware, printers, diskdrives, modems, networking, and Customer Service.  The second part is the DOS/Windows Module, which covers the technical issues of DOS and Windows 98 - installing, configuring and troubleshooting.


  1. Each test costs about 150 dollars.  Both tests must be completed with 90 days of each other to become fully certified.
  2. The test is updated about every 2 years.  When selecting education materials, be sure that they are of the latest version of the test.
  3. While most of the books you can find are good, most of them contain errors.  It is recommended that you have mulitple sources of information, and double check anything that seems to conflict.
Microsoft Certification
Microsoft has also been active in the Certification Area.  As soon as you take any Microsoft test, (except Networking Essentials) you become a MCP (Microsoft Certified Profession).  But to become a MCSE (MS Certified System Engineer) or MCSD (MS Certified System Developer) you need to pass about 5 tests.


  1. Each test costs about 125 dollars.
  2. Micrsoft exams are updated on a semi-regular basis.  To maintain your certfication levels, you will need to take up the updated tests when a test your took before becomes obsolete.
  3. There are lots of MS books at Yongpoon and Kyobo book stores, but the prices are about the same as ordering from the states.
Solaris Certification
Solaris certification is a bit tricker, but only for the registration process. 

Probably the best testing center is in Kangnam, The Samsung Multicampus Education Center.  They have about 40 testing seats, there is easy access to the subway, and there is free parking.

Phone: 3429-5160
Fax:      569-5536
The bst place to start is Sun Education Website

To register for the Solaris Exam you need a purchase an exam voucher from your local Sun Educational Services office. You can try to get this locally from Sun Korea, but I find it easier to call Sun Education in the US.  Their number is (800) 422-8020.  Remember you will be billed for this call since it is outside the US.  Have a credit card handy and a pen.  The exams cost about 125 dollars.  After the verify your credit card, they will read to you a voucher number.  The voucher is good for one year, and can be used for any exam.

After you have the voucher number, you can then register for the Solaris exam at the Samsung Multicampus Education Center.  They will ask for your voucher number.

Then you can just show up and take the exam.

How the University of Maryland Can Help
While not offically authorized to prepare students for the A+ or MS Certification exams, there are a number of classes that cover a lot of the material on some of the exams.

Realizing the importance of Certification, when Professor Gleason teaches the courses below, he will help focus and prepeare students for these exams.

  • IFSM 310 Computer Hardware and System Software - A+
  • CMIS 325 Unix and Shell Programming - Linux+, Solaris
  • IFSM 410 Database - MOUS Access
  • IFSM 430 Computer Security - CISSP, Security+
  • IFSM 438 Project Management - Project+
  • IFSM 450 Telecommuncations - Network+
To see the classes currently being offered, go to the UMUC Schedule of Classes
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